The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology released a statement this afternoon (December 9th, 2015) about the death of a 12th grade student from Doris Johnson Senior High School after he was stabbed by another male student, for reasons unknown to school or Ministry officials, who was believed to be in the 11th grade, and also from Doris Johnson Senior High School.


The stabbing incident reportedly took place near Blanco Bleach on Prince Charles Drive, after school had been dismissed early due to examinations.  It was said that the 12th grader was transported by ambulance to the hospital, accompanied by his mother.


The Ministry expressed that they were deeply saddened by the tragic event that occurred today and encouraged the public to embrace peace and love this holiday season.


The release continued, “While our schools have adopted a zero tolerance for violence on campuses, we wish to remind our students that violence off campuses will not be condoned either. Today’s event is most unfortunate as the life of another young man has been taken. We must encourage our young people to resolve their conflicts in a more peaceful manner.


We extend our heartfelt condolences to the family of the victim and our thoughts and prayers are with them and the Doris Johnson school family as well.”