STAFF: Emergency staffwere on duty throughout Hurricane at WSC Ministry of Works and Blue Hills compounds; no reports of any injuries to staff on/off duty.
WATER SUPPLY: Water supply maintained throughout and after Hurricane; Major roof damage to desalination plant at the airport; this will be assessed further
but not expected to affect production for any prolonged period; storage levels and production capacity at Blue Hills facility is sufficient to meet demands in the
interim; all generators operational and refueled
SEWERAGE: still being assessed. Over 100 stations in NP and threat of flooding high. Preparatory works included ‘dewatering the system as much as possible for
maximum capacity. Locations with stand-by power being checked and re-fueled. Crews with portable gensets and equipment to clear roads will methodically
assess all locations.
BUILDINGS/OFFICE FACILITIES: no major structural damage; some minor water damage but operations will be able to resume quickly

STAFF: no reports of any injuries to staff
Abaco: areas generally operational but some supplies were disrupted temporarily due to power supply challenges;; northern wellfields (Blackwood and Cedar
Harbour) still out of service due to power supply disruption
Acklins: temporary disruption but back in operation
o Central: supplies off due to power supply disruptions; portable gensets being deployed for temporary relief
o South Andros: no major damage; system in operation
o North Andros: significant damage and flooding in pumping station; disruption in operation; significant power disruption in the area; urgent attention required
Bimini: water supply now restored; was temporarily off due to power disruption
Cat Island: no problems
Crooked Island: limited impact; system operational
Limited operations in North due to power supply challenges
Central maintained supplies throughout and after hurricane; presently on
stand by power but should transition to BPL shortly
Tarpum Bay Rock Sound: temporary disruption as major leak post storm; normal operation should resume once leak located and repaired

Exuma and the Cays:
All systems operational; major damage to storage tank in Steventon
Black Point and Staniel Cay operational
Farmers Cay off due to power disruption
Great Harbour Cay: no contact
Inagua: supply disruption due to power loss which limits production capability; limited supply will be distributed until power restoration allows full production
Long Cay: power restored and water supply being recommissioned
Long Island:
o Deadman’s Cay fully operational; supply on from Grays to Turtle Cove
o Simms desalination plant back in operation until power is restored
Mayaguana: in operation
San Salvador: temporary disruption but back in operation

BUILDINGS/OFFICE FACILITIES: no major damage reported; some flooding in North Andros