A wide cross-section of the Cental Eleuthera community came out to participate in the Eleuthera Cancer Society’s Annual “Walk for a Cure” event.

While still dark, and about 1.5h before the sun was due to rise on the morning of Saturday, November 1st, 2014, more than 100 persons in Central and North Eleuthera took part in The Eleuthera Cancer Society’s  Annual “Walk for a Cure” event.  More than 80 people came out in Central Eleuthera to support the work being done by the Society, and another 30 plus took part in the North Eleuthera event.

At about 5:45 am the group in Central Eleuthera began with warm-up stretches and exercises to prepare for the just over 7 kilometer (4.4 miles) walk from the parking lot of First Caribbean in Governor’s Harbour to the Wellness Center of the Cancer Society in Palmetto Point.  Everyone then gathered behind the starting line-up ribbon at 6 am, before heading out on the long road with crisp, mildly cool morning air pushing them forward.

Participants were of all ages, with kids from grade five and six at the Governor’s Harbour Primary school taking part, along with their teachers and Principal; as well as  young teens, individually as well as from both the Earlyact and Interact clubs and other students taking the time to come out and give back.  Community members, business people, church groups and a number of seniors also made their presence felt.
Trophies were awarded to winners in both run and walk categories in five different age groups, which included ages 5 to 10, ages 11 to 20, ages 21 to 40, ages  41 to 55, as well as ages 56 and above.  Winners in each group are listed below.

Runners were first to arrive at the destination:

  • First overall and first in her age group (11-20): Safyha Bryan
  • Second Overall and second in her age group (11-20): Saiydah Bryan
  • Third Overall and first in his age group (21-40): Ryan Cooper

The top three results for different walkers’ age groups were:

  • Ages 5 – 10: Kadyn Bowles, Alyssa Sineus & Kartz Dervilus
  • Ages 11 – 20: Tyrin Culmer, Sidhira Johnson & Tara Johnson
  • Ages 21 – 40: Claudious Culmer, Lashanta Culmer & Inga Bethel
  • Ages 41 -55: Kathy Davis, Colin Moss & Roderick Pinder
  • Ages 56 +: Errol Mcphee, Robert Nixon, Greta Sands & Marvana Austin


The Rotary Club of Eleuthera, one of eight current clubs within The Bahamas, which partners with the Eleuthera Cancer Society, also had strong representation, including a number of visiting Club Presidents, who were on island for an historic first Bahamas Rotary Presidents meeting in Eleuthera.

Cancer Society President, Juanita Pinder remarked about the morning event, “I think it went well, and we had a fairly good crowd!” She also commented on the importance of encouraging everyone to support the fight against cancer, and to support the efforts being made in Eleuthera to educate communities on island and assist those struggling with the disease.   Mrs. Pinder also expressed the Society’s sincere thank you to all who helped to make the event a success, including participants, donators, volunteers, supporters and organizers.

Caption photo right: In the photo on the left, Ryan Cooper (finished 3rd Overall – Royal Bahamas Police Force Officer) stands center with Eleuthera Cancer Society President, Juanita Pinder on the left and Rotary Club of New Providence President, Jipcho Johnson on the right.  In the photos on the right, at the top, Safyha Bryan (finished 1st Overall – 11th grader at Central Eleuthera High School) stands with Mrs. Pinder and Mr. Johnson.  In the middle photo on the right, Saiydah Bryan (finished 3rd Overall – 10th grader at Central Eleuthera High School) stands with Mrs. Pinder and Mr. Johnson; and in the bottom right photo, Astranique Gardiner (finished 3rd in her age group of 11-20 – 12th grader and Head Girl at Central Eleuthera High School) stands with Mrs. Pinder and Mr. Johnson.