(Gregory Town, Eleuthera)  Lenny Kravitz’s Let Love Rule Foundation and the GLO Good Foundation teamed up once again and has returned to Eleuthera for the second time, offering free oral health care, to adults and children on the island for four days, from Thursday, October 20th through Sunday, October 23rd, 2016 at the Parish Hall in Gregory Town.

Dentists in action at the Parish Hall in Gregory Town
Dentists in action at the Parish Hall in Gregory Town

Lenny Kravitz, an almost twenty year resident of Gregory Town, Eleuthera, who calls the township home, shared that he has a three year goal to have a medical and dental center here that he wants to build for the people, and added, “Sometimes you have to just open your eyes and see what’s going on around you.  A lot of times when people think of charities they think of these things where you have to go abroad, and these big ideas, which are wonderful, but there are things going on right in your own backyard.  Something that my mother taught me from a very young age is that charity begins at home, and this is my home.”

Key principals of the GLO Good Foundation, Dr. Jonathan Levine, and his wife Stacey Levine travelled with a team of 37 people from their New York based Dental Practice, to continue the work started in 2015. What began as just friends visiting Lenny Kravitz for the weekend has blossomed into an annual free oral health care event for Eleutherans which the couple plans to continue.

In 2015, despite an interruption, the GLO Good and Let Love Rule Foundations partnership was able to serve and help more than 200 local Eleutherans.  Mrs. Stacey Levine, commented on their inspiration, saying, “To be able to help people globally with the gift of a healthy smile is super rewarding and to come outside of your world and provide help and access to those who don’t have it… We are opening our hearts, and our services and our doors to everyone.”

Mrs. Levine shared that there are also plans for special education times for children during the Friday and Sunday, beginning at noon, including essential tools like brushes, floss, and educational booklets.