As the site of the One Eleuthera Foundation’s Center For Training and Innovation (CTI) at the former Rock Sound Club comes closer to its opening date, the CTI organization is forging ahead with the expansion of its student apprenticeship program.   On Monday, February 15th, 2016, CTI launched a three week orientation of a new cohort of 38 apprentices who are slated to receive training in a number of disciplines, including; carpentry, electrical, plumbing,, landscaping, farming and housekeeping.  Each week of the intensive three week orientation has a specific focus, with the view to facilitating a smooth transition for the apprentices to the CTI work sites.


Week one, said organizers, would consist of orientation sessions and tours to introduce the apprentice students to the culture and brand of the One Eleuthera Foundation (OEF), as well as to the physical project sites of OEF and its partners, which encompass the central CTI location at the former Rock Sound Club, the South Eleuthera Mission location, the South Eleuthera Emergency Partners (SEEP) in Tarpum Bay and Wemyss Bight, and the Eleuthera Arts and Cultural Center (EACC).  During week two, the new group will attend a five-day Bahama Host training workshop, and week three will see the student apprentices complete the required hours of OSHA training, as well as a course in CPR and first aid.


Project Coordinator with CTI, Ade Pinder, explained, “At the end of these weeks of exposure and training, our students will be CPR and first aid certified, and competent in occupational safety practices.  Moreover, we anticipate students with renewed perspectives towards work, personal development and community.”