(Eleuthera, Bahamas)- Authorities in Eleuthera on Thursday August 20th,  responded to reports of a Haitian sloop landing in the area of Double Bay.  No signs of the landing were found after initial checks of the area.

However, around 6pm on Thursday evening, further reports were received of illegal immigrants seen in the area of the Savannah Sound homecoming site. Police responded and intercepted a white vehicle in which 7 females and one juvenile male of Haitian nationality were hiding.

They were taken into custody. The vehicle was registered to a Bahamian national of Savannah Sound, who is also said to be currently in police custody. The Haitian sloop was also eventually recovered at the southern end of the Double Bay area.

Authorities say more illegal immigrants are suspected to be hiding throughout the coppice/bushes surrounding the Double Bay/Savannah Sound area. Police and Immigration teams are currently on the ground conducting active searches of the area.

Another two people were detained overnight on Thursday.