(Eleuthera, Bahamas) – Former Superintendent Ismella Davis, Officer in Charge (OIC) for the Eleuthera District, was one of fourteen Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBPF) Officers on Eleuthera who advanced in rank in the latest round of promotions at the end of October 2014.  Now a Chief Superintendent (CS), Ms. Davis announced on Saturday, November 1st, during the annual Eleuthera Cancer Society’s “Walk for a Cure” event, that she had been asked by Police Commissioner Greenslade on Friday, October 31st, to accept a new post as second in command for the island of Grand Bahama.

Chief Superintendent Ismella Davis, confirmed that she had accepted the new post, and would be leaving the island for her new opportunity during the second week in November 2014.  During an impassioned  speech following the “Walk for a Cure” event, Ms. Davis, described her impending move as bittersweet, expressing her love for Eleuthera and its people, and the strong bonds she had made during the past two years, since arriving in August of 2012. 

CS Davis also highlighted the remarkable opportunity she had been given for professional growth during her tenure in Eleuthera, explaining that in New Providence responsibility was given for a relatively small patch of the island, in comparison to the experience of being responsible for an entire island with multiple districts, and a size-able team of officers spread over 110 miles, with basically all roles falling under one hat.

Commenting on the volume of promotions received on the island of Eleuthera, which included one Chief Superintendent, one Acting Superintendent, three Inspectors, five Sergeants, and four Corporals; CS Davis remarked, “I think that speaks to the level of work that the officers have done over the last few years, and the commitment, not only on their part, but on the part of their families, as well as the partnerships we have formed within communities.  We have gotten excellent reports from communities on the performance of the officers – to the point that we were able to do proper assessments of them and were able to advise New Providence for the officers to receive the promotions.  Moving forward we are looking for further great work.  There is still much to do in forming the kinds of partnerships we need in bridging communities and being visible.”

Also promoted to the rank of Chief Superintendent, were (left) Superintendent Theophilus Cunningham and (right) Superintendent Elburt Ferguson, two former Officers In Charge of Eleuthera, shown here in their hand-over photo in February 2011.  Photo by The Eleutheran.

Three of the twelve Superintendents throughout the Bahamas who have been promoted to the rank of Chief Superintendent in October 2014 served as Officers in Charge of the Eleuthera District in recent years, including current Chief Superintendent Ismella Davis, Chief Superintendent Elburt Ferguson (who served as OIC in Eleuthera from February 2011 to August 2012), and Chief Superintendent Theophilus Cunningham (who served as OIC in Eleuthera between May 2008 and February 2011).

Now promoted to the rank of Acting Superintendent, former Assistant Superintendent Christopher Wright, who had been posted in Harbour Island as part of Chief Superintendent Davis’ executive team, will take up the mantle as Officer in Charge of the Eleuthera District.

Officer Wright, who was also first posted to the island in August of 2012, commented at that time that Eleuthera was his first general policing, uniformed post, having spent his entire career in the Central Detective Unit.  In 2012 he shared that he was very excited about his new challenge, and looked forward to bringing his expertise to this side of policing.