The Hon. Jerome Fitzgerald, Minister of Education, Science and Technology (at right) greets Sir George Alleyne, Chancellor of the University of The West Indies at a welcome reception at Government House.  Chancellor Alleyne and other members of the University were in Nassau for their Annual Business of Council Meeting 2014.

(Nassau, Bahamas) The Hon. Jerome Fitzgerald, Minister of Education, Science and Technology  welcomed visiting Ministers of Education from several Caribbean countries, and members of The University of the West Indies Council to a reception at Government House.  The group was in Nassau for the university’s Annual Business Meeting of Council 2014. 

Minister Fitzgerald told the dignitaries that, “It is good when our citizens can see the leaders of the region coming together to discuss the importance of education to our future”.   “Just as we have been successful in collectively marketing the Caribbean region as a premier tourism destination, we must rise to this level in showcasing the University of the West Indies as a top choice for education in the world,” the Minister stated.  

The Minister also expressed pride in the fact that The Bahamas has contributed to the university in a meaningful way through the Tourism and Hospitality School, the Eugene Dupuch Law School and the School of Clinical Medical and Research Programmes, which are located in Nassau.  Prior to the Minister’s remarks, students of Yellow Elder Primary School delighted the visitors with a medley of songs including, ‘All a we is one Family’, ‘Love in any Language, ‘and ‘The Good Lord’.  

Sir George Alleyne, Chancellor of The University thanked Minister Fitzgerald and the government for their welcome. Chancellor Alleyne reflected on his relationship with The Bahamas stating that he was privileged to have as a classmate, Cecil Bethel, who was the first Bahamian to attend the University of The West Indies.  

The Chancellor noted that, The University’s links with The Bahamas are long and strong.  “We at the University of West Indies take the view that the university is, the university for The Bahamas, for Belize, Anguilla, Barbados and all of the Caribbean,” Chancellor Alleyne stated. Following the welcome ceremony, the delegates were treated to a Junkanoo rush-out by members of One Family and an art exhibition featuring works by students from high schools in New Providence.

Council members of the University of The West Indies at Government House listen to remarks by Chancellor of The University, Sir George Alleyne.