(Eleuthera, Bahamas)  – A dark  green Nissan Sentra with three adult females  and three male toddlers aboard collided with a utility pole along Queen’s Highway in Rock Sound in the vicinity of the Rock Sound Club leaving one dead, three seriously injured and another two with less serious injuries being treated at the local clinic.  Three (3) of the injured, an adult female and two (2) male toddlers were airlifted to the capital for medical assistance. Another female was treated, discharged and referred to New Providence for Medical Assistance.

The accident which occurred late morning on Wednesday February 20th, claimed the life of a 15 month old infant.

At the scene, the passenger side of the vehicle showed extensive damage and the rear driver’s side tire appeared to be blown off the rim. The utility pole was uprooted and broken.

This tragedy is the third fatal accident in Eleuthera in February and the 4th since December 2012.

On Saturday February 9th, Mr. Garfield Sands (30) lost his life when the car he was driving slammed into the rear of a 1995 Mack 10 truck, crushing the front of his vehicle.

Earlier in the week, Walter Boname, died in a two car accident in Rainbow Bay – just south of Hatchet Bay.

On December 3rd,  2012,  Mr. Alvin Cash of Lower Bogue was also killed along Queen’s Highway in Hatchet Bay, in the vicinity of Hearty Mow Farmlands when his car careened off the road.





Article updated: 7:20pm