(Rock Sound, Eleuthera Bahamas) – One Eleuthera’s ‘Step up to Health’ six weeks to wellness/fitness boot camp, headed up by Nurse Bianca Edwards, and Teacher Tamara Moncur, hosted Christina ‘Chrissy’ Love Thompson of ‘Raw on da Porch as guest presenter at Pascal’s Restaurant in Rock Sound on Sunday, October 14, 2012. 

The event which began at 4pm saw 65+ participants from throughout south Eleuthera show up to learn how to create easy healthy recipes and sample succulent dishes.

Nurse Edwards, an advocate for healthy eating as part of a healthy lifestyle, addresses the attendees.

According to Nurse Edwards, the evening was organized in an effort to promote a healthy approach to eating. 

Christina ‘Chrissy’ Love Thompson of ‘Raw on da Porch in New Prvidence was a guest presenter at Pascal’s Restaurant for the event

Chrissy Love and Chef Pascale Burrows started with a palate teaser of green smoothies and a tantalizing sea moss ensemble alternative to conch salad. This was followed by a main course of healthy green salad, with chick pea patty and spicy pasta made from ancient grains. Dessert was a whole grain waffle, topped with blue berries and cinnamon spiced sauce sweetened with agave.

Nurse Edwards shared that many of the healthy ingredients used in the tasty ensemble are available at the Marketplace in Rock Sound and that other stores throughout Eleuthera, were being encouraged to also carry the healthy grains, herbs, greens and pastas used during the event.