Pictured from left: Sir Michael Barnett, former Chief Justice and current President of the Court of Appeal for the Commonwealth of The Bahamas; His Excellency Oswald Ingraham, former Deputy to the Governor General; and Mrs. Emily Marie Ingraham following the swearing-in of His Excellency at Government House on Friday, October 10th, 2014. One of many such occasions during the years 2012-2017. (BIS Photo/Letisha Henderson)

South Eleutheran and former Member of Parliament for Central and South Eleuthera, as well as former Speaker of the House of Assembly, and Acting Governor General, Mr. James Oswald Ingraham, passed away on Monday night, November 23rd, 2020, at the age of 83.  A family member shared that he had been ill for the past two years.

Chairman of the Progressive Liberal Party, Senator Fred Mitchell, on Tuesday morning, November 24th, 2020, posted a message of condolence via his social media page, saying, “My condolences on the passing of our friend and brother former MP for Eleuthera, former Speaker, former Acting Governor General Oswald Ingraham. May he rest in peace. Our party’s leadership including Leader Philip Davis and Mrs. Davis, Deputy Chester Cooper and Mrs. Cooper, our entire Parliamentary Team along with our members and supporters join in these expressions… Personal reflections will come from the Leader of the Party in formal condolences on the passing of this great man.”

Mr. Ingraham served the people of Central and South Eleuthera as Member of Parliament for ten years, having been first elected, at the age of 64, into the seat during the national elections of 2002.  He spent his first five years as a part of the governing party in the position of Speaker of the House of Assembly and his final five years in the opposition.  Mr. Ingraham went on to serve as Acting Governor General on multiple occasions during 2012 through 2017.

Mr. Ingraham was married to Mrs. Emily Marie Ingraham, and the couple was blessed with six children – three boys, and three girls – Terry, Wayne, Dwight, Wendy, Velma and Jackie.