The Ministry of Education (MOE) began hosting the Bahamas General Certificate of Secondary Education  (BGCSE) examinations at public school locations across the country on Monday, July 13th, 2020.  The MOE also informed that all BGCSE practical examinations will be held from Monday, July 13th through Friday, August 14th, 2020.  See the revised 2020 timetable below:

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See important Ministry of Education notices in reference to protocols for students taking national examinations:

– All examinations will be conducted under Ministry of Health protocols.

– Face masks are to be worn at all times.

– Candidates must bring a government issued picture ID.  School candidates must wear their respective school uniforms.

– Candidates must report to their examination centres or schools at leat ONE HOUR prior to the start of each examination.

– Candidates must bring the necessary equipment or tools to the examination room, as borrowing will NOT be permitted.

– Candidates will NOT be permitted to loiter on school campuses following their exams.

For further information, contact the Eleuthera District Education Office or local high school locations directly.

Contact Numbers:
Ministry of Education – Eleuthera District High Schools

Eleuthera District Education Office – Mr. Michael Culmer (District Superintendent of Education)
Tel: – 332-6211/332-6212

Windermere High School – Mr. Limerick (Principal)
Tel: – 332-6105

Samuel Guy Pinder All Age – formerly Spanish Wells All Age – Mrs. Chardel Brown-Gibson (Principal)
Tel: – 333-4052

Harbour Island All Age – Mr. Ricardo Ferguson (Principal)
Tel: – 333-2261

North Eleuthera High – Mr. Kevin Hepburn (Principal)
Tel: – 335-1245

Central Eleuthera High – Mrs. Marie Galanis (Principal)
Tel: – 332-1248

Preston Albury High – Mr. Tracey Mckenzie (Principal)
Tel: – 334-2266