File Photo by The Eleutheran Newspaper.

Plans by the current government for the replacement of the Glass Window Bridge were outlined in the House of Assembly on June 17th, by Minister of Public Works, the Hon. Desmond Bannister.  An excerpt of his speech reads as follows:

“There are currently 16 bridges and causeways in the Family Islands that need repair or replacement. The Government has completed construction of one of those bridges; completed repairs to another; commenced construction of three others; and engaged engineering consultants to provide the planning process for the construction of an additional two bridges… I will now give an account of what we are doing to restore our bridges:

The Glass Window Bridge: Eleuthera

The replacement of the bridge structure is long overdue, and in December, 2019 the Ministry of Public Works engaged consultant engineers to undertake a comprehensive feasibility study followed by detailed engineering design for a new bridge along a new alignment. The works studies are to take into account future demand; financial viability; climate impacts, including projected climate change and other environmental and socio-economic issues relevant to the site.

The Glass Window site is unique and it is important that the selected option for a replacement structure takes advantage of the character of the location for the benefit of the Bahamian people and also visiting tourists. The replacement of the existing bridge crossing provides an opportunity to create a potentially world famous feature that could attract additional tourism benefits. The contract with the consultant Engineers is for $2,040,840.00.

The time period for the consultancy is a follows:-

Phase 1 – Feasibility Study (4 months)
Phase 2 – Detailed Design (4 months)
Phase 3 – Tender Bid Process (3 months)
Phase 4 – Contract Administration (24 months)

It is anticipated that early in 2021 a contract will be awarded for the construction of the new bridge, which will take 3 years to complete…”