rbpfPolice are investigating the circumstances of a plane crash which occurred Saturday,  March 21st, 2020 in waters off North Eleuthera.

Reports are that shortly before 2:00pm, a twin engine Piper Aztec aircraft, registration # N14178 crashed into the sea, near the settlement of Lower Bogue, with three persons on board – the pilot and two passengers, after departing the North Eleuthera Airport.

Nassau Air Traffic Control was reported to have contacted the Police Control Room in Nassau at approximately 1:55pm about the crash.  Last contact was said to have been 500 ft. from the shore line of the waters off of the North Eleuthera High School in Lower Bogue.  Officers from the North Eleuthera Police Station responded to the scene and discovered that all of the passengers were well, with no one injured in the incident.

The Pilot reported mechanical issues with one of his engines, which necessitated him executing a water landing.

Authorities said this matter was referred to the Air Accident Investigation Department for further investigation.