On Wednesday, November 20th, 2019, the Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBPF) Eleuthera Division, celebrated officers on the island who had gone above and beyond the call of duty during the year, earning the Commissioner’s Commendation.

Officer In Charge of the Eleuthera Division, Chief Superintendent Stephen Adderley, explaining the significance of the award, shared, “Commendations are issued by the Commissioner of Police, and are granted to persons for exemplary work, and going over and beyond what was required of them.  Commendations are rare, so, when you have gotten a commendation from the Commissioner of Police that is something to be prized, as it represents excellent work – and it is not given out haphazardly.  Usually there is a ceremony hosted in New Providence, where they bring the officers down and the Commissioner would present them with their commendations.  So, it’s a part of rewarding officers for the work that they have done. Hopefully, at the end of the day it would reward them by elevations in service.”

Officers awarded with the Commissioner’s Commendation included:
Top Row (L-R):
Sergeant 232 Ainthia Rodgers – For her persistence and devotion to duty,
Sergeant 2479 James Ferguson – For his persistence and devotion to duty,
Sergeant 234 Tekenia Taylor – For her leadership and devotion to duty,
Sergeant 1773 Mavis Knowles – For her leadership and commitment to duty,
Sergeant 188 Sherico Farquharson – For his leadership and devotion to duty,
Corporal 44 Frederick Anderson – For his persistence and devotion to duty,
Sergeant 2495 Surdanio Sands  – For his act of bravery, risking his life to save another,
Bottom Row (L-R):
Constable 3044 Michael Lockhart – For his commitment and devotion to duty,
Corporal 1774 McNeil Johnson – For his leadership and devotion to duty,
Constable 3341 Nadia Brancaccio – For her dedication and devotion to duty,
Constable 2866 Dexter Hall – For his leadership and devotion to duty,
Constable 3325 Andrew Demeritte – For his commitment and devotion to duty,
Reserve Constable 118 Jefferson Davis – For his hard work and dedication to duty,
Constable 1311 Renardo Brown – For his persistence and devotion to duty (not pictured), and
Reserve Corporal 256 Sean Major – For his hard work and dedication to duty (not pictured).

Constable 3936 Johnathan Moxey was also awarded with a Certificate of Merit – For outstanding performance and lasting contribution while serving in the Eleuthera Division.

Following the presentations, Reserve Constable 118 Jefferson Davis, who serves in Harbour Island, commented that his Commissioner’s Commendation was a source of renewed inspiration and that he was very appreciative to have been recognized for his service and contributions.  Sergeant 2495 Surdanio Sands, with responsibility for Hatchet Bay, Gregory Town and James Cistern, who received a Commendation for his act of bravery, shared, “It’s very rewarding to know that my efforts to attempt to assist someone who was in dire straits and bring them to safety –  it feels good to know that someone was aware and paid attention.”

O/C Chief Superintendent Stephen Adderley said that he was elated that so many members of his Eleuthera Division team had received Commendation from the Commissioner, “It speaks well to the unit – that we are doing an exceptional job in the eyes of the Commissioner.  So, as long as the Commissioner is recognizing the talent and the contribution of the officers in the district, it augers well for the entire division.  I was very proud to disperse the commendations today, to encourage the officers to do even more.”

C/S Adderley, also confirmed that the RBPF as an organization was now going through the selection process for promotions within the Force.  A number of his officers in the Eleuthera Division, he said, had been encouraged to make application, and would go through the assessment and interview process, with the relevant selection boards.  Elevation announcements, he said, could be made this year, or sometime early in 2020.