Ebenezer Baptist of Cupid’s Cay, Governor’s Harbour, led the march from the Cay to the bay front by the Administrative complex, where a service of fellowship followed the march.

On Sunday, October 20th, Baptist members from across Central and South Eleuthera came out to celebrate the 61st Anniversary of Baptist Day, with representatives from church congregations throughout the island.  The celebration began with a bannered march from the historic Ebenezer Baptist church on Cupid’s Cay in Governor’s Harbour, as marchers raised their voices in songs of worship, to the steps of the Administrative building, where a service of fellowship was held, immediately following the march.

Baptist members from across the island gathered in Governor’s Harbour to celebrate the 61st anniversary of Baptist Day, with a service of fellowship, and a celebratory march.

Several weeks before the Baptist Day celebration, St. Stephen’s Baptist in Hatchet Bay chose a new leader to carry the congregation forward, after the sad loss of Reverend Lambert Farrington earlier in 2019.  The choice, made through a democratic voting process, saw three leaders in the church vying for the important role – Reverend Ricardo Dean, Reverend Eric Johnson, and Reverend Cassie Neely.  Reverend Johnson was ultimately chosen as the new Senior Pastor to lead St. Stephen’s Baptist.

St. Stephen’s Baptist of Hatchet Bay represented during the 61st Baptist Day anniversary march.

Reverend Johnson, moments before the march on Sunday, shared the vision for taking St. Stephen’s Baptist forward, saying, “The vision is not so much my own, but God’s – We are just following where and how he directs us… What I see is a people that have a desire for God, and not only for God – but they are a people with a vision, and a people who believe in knowledge and have a great understanding of the Word.  I see them helping others come into that place, whereby God can utilize them and take them into a place where we can have a coming together in our congregation, within Hatchet Bay, and the wider Eleuthera. Our goal is to make Hatchet Bay a better place, that the spirit of God will be able to reign supremely – not only for St. Stephen’s, but Hatchet Bay.  And through Hatchet Bay, this island for the glory of God.”

The Baptist march winding its way towards the bay front in Governor’s Harbour.

Reverend Philip Bethel, former Parliamentarian, and now Senior Pastor of The People’s Restoration Baptist Church in Palmetto Point, was also in attendance at the fellowship service in Governor’s Harbour on Baptist Day.  He and his congregation celebrated the blessing of their new sanctuary, located on Queen’s Highway, Palmetto Point on Sunday, November 3rd, 2019.

St. John’s Native Baptist members from Deep Creek marching in celebration.

In Central and South Eleuthera, Baptist church fellowships can be found in Hatchet Bay, James’ Cistern, Governor’s Harbour, Palmetto Point, Deep Creek, Waterford, and Wemyss Bight.  Reverend Kipling Johnson of Ebenezer Baptist on Cupid’s Cay, Governor’s Harbour, is the president of the Eleuthera Baptist Fellowship of Churches.

Young members from Deep Creek taking part in the march through Governor’s Harbour.


Young people of all ages also took part in the march, celebrating the Baptist tradition.