rbpfPolice in Spanish Wells reported receiving information about an accidental death of a six year old girl on Friday morning, May 17th, 2019.

Six year old Bella Morgan was said to have fallen from a home made galvanized swing, which had then fallen on her.

Officers responded and visited the Spanish Wells Community Clinic, where the young girl had been rushed to following the incident.  At the scene of the incident, which was at the home of the six year old girl’s grandfather, officers spoke with the gardener, Mr. Saindly Bernadin, who had witnessed the incident.  He stated that while the child was swinging, the swing collapsed, falling across the young girl.

Mr. Merton Morgan, who was at the residence at the time, was said to have rushed outside on hearing a scream and met the gardener assisting by moving the swing from atop the child.  She appeared lifeless and was rushed to the clinic.

Dr. Farrington rendered resuscitation efforts with negative results.  Police inquiries into the incident continue.