The burgundy Nissan Bluebird vehicle above sustained extensive front end damage in Monday morning accident near Edwin’s Turtle Lake, south of Governor’s Harbour.


(Governor’s Harbour, Eleuthera, The Bahamas)  Early on Monday morning, March 25th, 2019, with roads wet and damp, two separate traffic incidents were reported by police in the Central Eleuthera area.

In the first incident at about 6:55am, officers from the Governor’s Harbour Police Station investigated a traffic accident on Queen’s Highway, Palmetto Point in the area of Paradise Service Station. Information reported is that an adult man of Haition nationality, a resident of Palmetto Point, while traveling in a southern direction, struck two pedestrians walking alongside the roadway. The pedestrians impacted were also both adult men of Haitian nationality. One of the victims complained of injuries to his back and right leg, and the other sustained injuries to his head and left leg.

Both victims were treated at the local clinic, and were scheduled to be airlifted to New Providence for further medical care.

In the second incident, at about 8:24am an adult man contacted the Governors Harbour Police Station reporting that he had just witnessed a one vehicle accident on Queen’s Highway, Governors Harbour in the area of Burrows Pond (Edwin’s Turtle Lake), and requested the assistance of Police. Officers visited the scene and spoke with the driver of the vehicle involved, an adult woman who was on her way to Palmetto Point at the time of the accident.

In her account, she reported that she was travelling south along Queen’s Highway, Governors Harbour in the area of Burrows Pond where it had been raining earlier and the road was wet. She stated that she was going around the curve when her car, a burgundy Nissan Bluebird, started to slide and as a result she lost control of the vehicle. She tried to turn and regain control of it, but recounted that it just kept sliding on the wet road and collided into the guard railing on the eastern side of the road. When the vehicle hit into the railing, her head hit the steering wheel and she received injury to her forehead and and elsewhere about her head. The vehicle sustained extensive front end damage.

Emergency Medical Services arrived on the scene to transport the driver to the Governors Harbour Clinic for further examination. One adult passenger, and two minor children were also reported to have been in the vehicle during the accident, however, Police reported that no one else appeared to be injured.