Coral Harbour Base, 18 FEB. ‘19 (RBDF): The Royal Bahamas Defence Force wishes to advise the general public that a video circulating on social media with an RBDF patrol craft stopping a Haitian sloop is not a current video. That particular video showing numerous Haitian nationals being transferred to the RBDF patrol craft P-129 occurred a few years ago.

There have also been reports of 3 Haitian sloops sighted off Great Inagua during the past few days. These vessels were in fact registered Haitian cargo vessels with appropriate documentation to engage in trade between Haiti and Inagua.

There have been no other apprehensions since the latest one on 17 February 2019 in the Exuma chain. The 64 undocumented Haitian nationals are currently detained at the Carmichael Rd. Detention Center.