Contestants: (Little Miss – front row) – Andrielle Gardiner, Danitra Johnson, Reggia Bodie, Cartier Johnson, Laila Bethel, Shandera Sands, Mariah Burrows, and Shavonne Taylor. (Miss – back row) – Addis Johnson, Diana Dorvilus, Kamesha Carey, Kethia Joseph, Neva Dorvilus, and Marcia Calixte.


With the Governor’s Harbour Homecoming’s Little Miss and Miss Governor’s Harbour pageant just around the corner (one week away on Saturday, November 10th), the organising committee unveiled a beaming young group of girls to the community on Saturday, November 3rd, 2018, who will be participating in two separate categories for Little Miss and Miss Governor’s Harbour titles.

The Homecoming event takes place at Anchor Bay, Governor’s Harbour, on Friday and Saturday, November 16th and 17th, preceded by the Little Miss and Miss Governor’s Harbour pageant, taking place on Saturday, November 10th, 2018 at Worker’s House, beginning at 7pm.

The slideshow below shows each contestant ready for the Float Parade held on Saturday, November 3rd, seated on the back of decorated pickup trucks taking them through the Palmetto Point and Governor’s Harbour communities.  The staging ground was the Cupid’s Cay dock and it all took place just as a near picture perfect blue sky, bright sunshine day, was transitioning into an overcast late afternoon, but nothing could dull the smiles and poise of the girls.

Competition you say – well not when it comes to sharing moments!



They were all assisted by the able hands of parents and guardians, who added ribbons and other adornments to the tail and front ends for the motorcade.


All Smiles