Accident image logoFour people are reported to have died in New Providence today, after being hit by a truck during the Labour Day Parade.  Two of the victims were pronounced dead on the scene, and the other two victims were said to have succumbed to their injuries while in hospital. More than 20 other victims in the path of the truck are reported to be at the Princess Margaret Hospital with injuries.

The incident took place on Shirley Street and East Street North near Zion Baptist Church on Friday morning, June 1st, 2018, and the driver of the truck was reported to have been taken into police custody.  Unconfirmed reports detailed an account of the driver having left the wheel of the truck unmanned, when it went rolling down the hill towards Shirley Street, directly into parade goers.

Leadership of the Free National Movement released the following statement of condolences on Friday afternoon:

“On behalf of the Leader, Prime Minister Dr. Hon. Hubert Minnis, Deputy Leader, Hon. K. Peter Turnquest, Chairman, Carl Culmer, Party Executives, Officers and all FNMs, we express our heartfelt condolence to the families of the victims of today’s tragic accident during the 2018 Labour Day Parade.  We are deeply shocked and saddened by this tragedy and extend to the families of the victims our prayers and love.  The entire nation grieves with all the families who suffered such loss and injuries. Please find comfort in our heavenly Father’s word ‘Just as a mother comforts her son, so I comfort you people (Isiah 66:13)’.”