Update (Sunday morning, May 27th, 2018):

At about 1am on Sunday morning, May 27th, 2018, another three (3) adult men were taken into custody by Immigration and Police officials in Eleuthera, bringing the number of illegal migrants in custody to thirty one (31) people from the Haitian vessel which came ashore at Double Bay earlier on Saturday morning.

Immigration in Eleuthera at 1am on Sunday morning, also confirmed that another Haitian vessel had just a short time earlier been discovered by authorities in Venice Bay, New Providence.  Seven (7) people are reported to be in custody in relation to this latest illegal landing, with a search by authorities now ongoing in New Providence.


Update (Saturday evening, May 26th, 2018):

As of 10pm on Saturday evening, May 26th, 2018, 28 illegal migrants from the Haitian vessel which came ashore at Double Bay earlier on Saturday morning, had been taken into custody by Police and Immigration officials.  They were transported to the Worker’s House complex on Saturday evening for processing and medical checks by local medical personnel.  The group of migrants consisted of four (4) adult women, one (1) minor girl, eighteen (18) adult men, and five (5) minor boys.  The Worker’s House complex is where the group will be housed, according to authorities, until their arraignment early next week, and repatriation.

At 10pm on Saturday night, the search by teams of Immigration and Police officials continued for remaining illegal migrants still at-large from the Haitian vessel aground in Double Bay.  Immigration officials also confirmed that a man from Harbour Island had been taken into custody on Friday, May 25th, in reference to an illegal landing, earlier in 2018.

Original Report (Saturday morning, May 26th, 2018):

Immigration officials were informed of a Haitian vessel in the Central Eleuthera area on the water, between Windermere Island and Double Bay, at about 7am on Saturday morning, May 26th, 2018.  The vessel was said to have come ashore in the same general area, after attempts to intercept it while at sea were unsuccessful.

A search for the illegally landed migrants on board the vessel was mounted in the Double Bay area, and by 9am, four (4) men and three (3) women had been taken into custody.  Police and Immigration reported that they suspected up to another fifty illegal migrants may have escaped into the surrounding bushes.  The search for the remaining illegal migrants still at-large continued into the afternoon on Saturday.

Illegal Haitian vessel aground at Double Bay, in Central Eleuthera.