Friday 17 August, 2018
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Daily Archives: June 8, 2018

The Junior Miss Pineapple pageant, was one of the special event items held during the Labour Day holiday weekend in Gregory Town, Eleuthera, at the 31st Annual Pineapple Festival. The event, held on the Saturday night, June 2nd, 2018, saw six...


The Maurice family of Gregory Town, supplying a steady flow of fresh pineapples to festival goers during the 31st Annual Pineapple Festival. The 31st Annual Pineapple Festival, hosted this year in Gregory Town during the Sir Randol Fawkes Labour...

By Staff2 on Jun 8th, 2018

45 riders participated in the 2018 ‘Tour de Lootra’, cycling 100 miles from Cape Eleuthera to Gene’s Bay. The ‘Seagillians’ out of Spanish Wells continue to develop a strong tradition of cycling on the island, with their...