The Junior Miss Pineapple pageant, was one of the special event items held during the Labour Day holiday weekend in Gregory Town, Eleuthera, at the 31st Annual Pineapple Festival. The event, held on the Saturday night, June 2nd, 2018, saw six teens from primary and junior high grades, compete for the coveted title, of Junior Miss Pineapple 2018. The pageant event, has been missing from the Pineapple Festival for a few years, but returned with excitement this year.

The young girls participated in beach wear, casual wear, talent, costume, and evening gown segments, and in addition each had the opportunity to bravely provide answers to questions posed while friends, family members, visitors and locals looked on cheering. Competing were; 14 year old, Julisa Johnson (Miss Exuma) of North Eleuthera High School; 10 year old, Neikeeleah Johnson (Miss Eleuthera) of P.A. Gibson Primary; 12 year old, Austina Smith (Miss Bimini) of James’ Cistern Primary; Shania Heastie (Miss Inagua) of North Eleuthera High School; 13 year old, Gersiana Pierre (Miss Abaco) of Central Eleuthera High School; and 14 year old, Alyssa Sineus (Miss San Salvador) of Central Eleuthera High School.

Making special appearances on the night and assisting with various segments and presentations were Junior Miss Bluff, Kay’nia Minnis, who also goes off to Texas to represent the Bahamas at the 2018 International Junior Miss Finale during the first week in July, as well as Junior Miss James’ Cistern, La’Mia Nixon. Master of ceremonies, who introduced the young ladies during the evening was, Mr. Damian Bethel, and perhaps most importantly, judging were: Blandira Gibson, Dashae Percentie, Cordero Johnson, Nickal Fernander, and Sharnette Kemp.

The all Eleuthera judging panel had a number of awards to give out including, Miss Congeniality, Miss Popularity, and Best Float as final results were being tallied, and the contestants stood on stage awaiting the final announcement with bated breaths. When the moment finally arrived, the coveted Junior Miss Pineapple 2018 title went to the confident, poised and well-spoken young lady representing as Miss Eleuthera, Neikeeleah Johnson of Hatchet Bay, who received her new crown, resplendent in her pineapple yellow gown. First runner up was awarded to Miss Exuma, Julisa Johnson of Harbour Island. Second runner up was Miss Inagua, Shania Heastie of The Bluff, and third runner up went to Miss San Salvador, Alyssa Sineus.
This year’s organizing committee for the Junior Miss Pineapple pageant included; Garrecka Johnson, president; Shaneiker Andrews, vice president; Kenva Neely, treasurer; Patarri Daley-Fritz, coordinator/designer; and Claudia Kelly, coordinator choreographer.