Three new Justices Of The Peace (JP’s) were sworn in at the Administrative Offices in Governor’s Harbour by Administrator Joseph Ferguson, for Central Eleuthera at 11am on Friday morning, December 18th, 2015.  Pictured from (L-R) are  Mrs. Stephanie Bethel of Governor’s Harbour, Mr. Lionel Fernander of Governor’s Harbour, and Mr. Richard ‘Sammy’ Sands of Palmetto Point.

(Eleuthera, Bahamas) – Mr. Sands, Mrs. Bethel, and Mr. Fernander were entreated by Administrator Ferguson to handle their new positions with integrity and an overriding sense of responsibility.  He took the time, in good spirits, to advise the new JP’s of what they should and should not do. As an example, he advised that they do have the ability to sign warrants with the assistance of Police Officers, however, should not use a privelege such as this, as an opportunity to forewarn a relative of pending action against them. He also encouraged them to build their communities, and to invest in the young people coming up behind them to ensure the future stability and growth of the island.

Administrator Ferguson swearing in the three new Justices Of The Peace in Governor’s Harbour. 


A new group of Justices Of The Peace were also sworn in at the Administrator’s Office in Rock Sound, Eleuthera, by Administrator Margaret Symonette, on Wednesday, December 16th, 2015. The group included; Mr. Edrick Gibson; Mr. Christopher Deal; Ms. Willamae Sweeting; Mr. Nathaniel Hilbert Richards; Ms. Delroy Richards; Ms. Daphne Letisha Adderley; Mr. Bruce Joseph Mackey; and Ms. Danielle Gibson.

To the Justices in Central Eleuthera, Administrator Ferguson  communicated a basic summary of services that the New Justices of the Peace were now able to offer, advice on services they would not be able to offer, and a guideline of things they should take note to remember as Justices Of The Peace, as follows:

Services they can offer:

    1. Sign passport applications
    2. Sign Birth Certificates (only to verify the person/s of interest)
    3. Prepare Affidavits
    4. Suppress Riots, Disperse disturbances, Liaise with the Police
    5. Issue and sign warrants with the assistance of the Police
    6. Act as a Lay Magistrate

Services they cannot offer:

    1. Perform Marriages (not unless he/she is a licensed Marriage Officer)
    2. Process or sign Conveyance  or Land Papers
    3. The justices were also advised not to abuse the appointment, and were reminded the appointment can be revoked (subject to criminal offiense)

Things to remember:

   1. To be community service oriented
   2. To help people in their community, especially the less fortunate.
   3. They were not appointed to make money or get rich off of poor people.
   4. This appointment is issued free of charge by the Government of the Bahamas.
   5. They should be people persons, Peace Makers.
   6. Have a conscience. If people have no money, do it free and if people can pay be reasonable.
   7. Get a copy of the Magistrate’s Act just in case they are needed to serve.
   8. Be careful of who and what they use their seals for (especially with non-Bahamians).
   9. If in doubt get in touch with Immigration.