Coral Harbour Base 3 August 2015 (RBDF Release): P301 is the fifth addition of nine vessels to arrive into the fleet of The Royal Bahamas Defence Force. It arrived at the Prince George Wharf on Friday 31st July, 2015 at 9 o’clock. P301 is the first of four Coastal Patrol Class Vessels that has been procured as a part of the Sandy Bottom Project. This modern design patrol vessel is outfitted with all of the necessary equipment for vessels of its class to operate both effectively and efficiently on their tour of duty.

P301 will be commanded by Sr. Lieutenant Bertram Bowleg whom is a 26yr veteran of the Force. The ship is 100ft in length with a range of 6000nm and has a total compliment of 13 crew members.

The acquisition of this vessel will allow this class of vessel to access coastal waters throughout the Bahama chain of islands.