Navigating Queen’s Highway, the winding road that traverses the 110 miles of Eleuthera, is a naturally beautiful experience as it takes drivers along the coast and through the towns. It is a drive that however  seems to have danger lerking around many corners.  The cars shown below are just some of the vehicles our cameras passed in the past week involved in accidents.

During the same week we had yet another experience of watching a visitor driving his car, head on, on the wrong side of the road with the limited option of honking the car’s horn loud enough to get their attention that SOMETHING IS WRONG!!!

It’s easy to drive fast on these roads, but as recent history has shown us its also deadly to do so.

Just to be clear, we don’t know the causes of any of the accidents shown below and have no reports of anyone being injured in them.

After finally getting past the road block caused by the wrecker moving the truck below just north of Palmetto Point, we went on to pass another vehicle north of Governor’s Harbour being towed from the rocks where it had ended up off the road, around another corner.

Let’s navigate these roads with care!