sbdc-bahamas-logoDuring the first week in May 2021, the Access Accelerator Small Business Development Centre released an announcement about the opening of an office in Rock Sound at the new Eleuthera Business Hub, as well as the availability of grants for small businesses and entrepreneurs.  The full release reads as follows:

“Access Accelerator Small Business Development Centre is excited to announce the opening of an office in Rock Sound, Eleuthera. The office will provide support for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs who currently have a business or looking to open a business on Eleuthera. Sharon French, Advisor and Teacher, commented, “This will be an excellent opportunity for anyone who would like access to the internet and computer to write a business plan, attend business classes, or have access to an Advisor to help build a new business or advance your current business. Access Accelerator will provide support and classes to help small business owners and entrepreneurs obtain a business license, write their business plan or executive summary, find funding solutions, submit grant applications and loans to funding sources, and provide overall support to business owners on Eleuthera.  (See information on the current grant program here – application period opened on May 10th and ends on June 4th, 2021)

The office is in The Market Place Shopping Center in Rock Sound. Classes will include marketing, accounting, startup business and development classes as well as specialized classes for tour guides and cruise port businesses designed to empower local businesses and entrepreneurs. Classes will start June 17th and continue throughout the year. Classes will be four weeks in length and meet twice a week through Zoom or on site at the new location in The Market Place Shopping Center in Rock Sound. To sign up please email or clients can go online at to apply and get more information.

Access Accelerator Small Business Development Centre (Access Accelerator) is a non-profit, quasi-government organization that offers a broad spectrum of business assistance to new and existing small business owners. The Access Accelerator gives business owners free access to business advisory, training, incubation, membership, and funding opportunities. The organization advocates for and supports the evolution of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in The Bahamas.

Established in September 2018, the Access Accelerator is a tripartite arrangement between the Government of The Bahamas, through the Ministry of Finance, the University of The Bahamas (UB) and the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Employers Confederation (BCCEC).

The Access Accelerator mission is to guide the development, funding, growth, and evolution of MSMEs in The Bahamas. The goal is to increase the ability of the small business sector to provide employment, diversify wealth and drive the development of a robust and resilient economy. Through its digital platform, which provides all of the organization’s services remotely, the resources and opportunities provided by the Access Accelerator are available to all Bahamians across all islands.

Access Accelerator Small Business Development Centre has helped 1,843 clients by providing $70,000,000 in loans, grants, and business continuity support since its inception in 2018.”