The Eleuthera Sailing Academy in partnership with volunteers plan to host a free swimming lessons program for young Eleutherans – ages 6-12, as a bridge to taking advantage of the sailing program at the Eleuthera Sailing Academy hosted in Savannah Sound by sailing coaches Martin Manrique and his wife.

“We realized that many kids don’t come because they don’t know how to swim and their parents don’t know how to swim. So some of our neighbours from Governor’s Harbour and Palmetto Point, wanted to help as volunteer teachers and start doing a swimming program,” shared Martin.

The free swimming program, beginning in April 2022 would be ongoing for six weeks, and is planned for two days per week, with one day in a swimming pool, and on Saturday mornings in Savannah Sound, where beginners will learn to become comfortable being in the open water, said coach Martin.

Parents interested in enrolling their children in the free swimming program are encouraged to register online by visiting the website ( Martin expressed that they are also looking for more volunteer teachers, as well as pool owners willing to allow the use of their pools in the program, which could expand the swimming program to more settlements. Volunteer teachers and interested pool owners were asked to also register online.