(Rock Sound, Eleuthera) – A fabulous Friday of finals in the All Eleuthera Primary School Track and Field competition took place on April 16, in Rock Sound South Eleuthera. The meet saw some 14 teams compete strongly in a number of disciplines, lending evidence to the fact that there is tremendous future for track and field in Eleuthera if the talent on display is fostered. The athletes gave their all on the grass tracks of Rock Sound with, the lanes and lines marked in sand and many opting to use their socks to create the trail of dust in their path. The meet was manned by dedicated men and women who offered advice, motivation and support – emotional and physical to the hardworking youth.

It wasn’t an easy outing by any stretch of the imagination for the students, who over the two days had to battle their way in multiple events. For track races longer than 200m, the young bodies ran head-on into a persistent wind and it was quite special to see the determination imprinted on the faces – most under the age of 12.  The grit sometimes gave way to tears at the end for those falling short of victory but support was never too far off in the form of teachers and helpers.

The youngsters left it all on the track.

Schools participating from South to North were:
Deep Creek (DC), Wemyss Bight (WB), Green Castle (GC), Rock Sound (RS), St. Anne’s, Tarpum Bay (TB), Emma Cooper (EC), Governor’s Harbour (GH), James’ Cistern (JC), P. A. Gibson (PAG), Gregory Town (GT) , North Eleuthera (NEPS), Harbour Island (HIs) and Spanish Wells (SW).

Facilitators at scorers desks and on the field included Eleuthera Education District officials including Mrs. Anna Horton, many teachers and support staff; Principal Butler of the Green Castle School; Principal Johnson of the Tarpum Bay School; Coach Ingraham of Hatchet Bay and Gregory Town Schools, Mr. Crean of Governor’s Harbour and James’ Cistern schools as well as parents, grandparents and onlookers  who were recruited to assist with eying the final line and securing positions – especially helpful in the many close races. On Friday, Education District Superintendent (Acting) Mr. Kirkwood Cleare was also on hand.

Students were placed by their ages in the U-8, U-10, U-12, and U-14 categories with some of the events being applicable only to specific age groups.

Thursday saw the field events and heats for the highly popular track feats. Field events included, High Jump for the U-12, Long Jump for the U-10 and U-12 and Softball throw. As a rest period for the sprinters, a hula hoop competition was included mid-afternoon on Friday.

Keyana Hood of Emma Cooper Primary competed strongly in many events, including high jump. She also won the 400m Girls U-12 competition

As one of the onlookers said, “if you can’t enjoy this track and field, something wrong with you!”

North Eleuthera Primary was probably the most impressive on the afternoon, primarily in the U-14 divisions, both male and female. Their dominance in several races carried them to an overall victory with an unofficial tally of 181 pts.  Wemyss Bight Primary finished just 2 pts back in second with 179 pts and Emma Cooper (Palmetto Point) in third on 166pts – the scores are tabulated at the end.

Official results from the competition should be available through the Education District Office in Savannah Sound later in the week.

Results from select events are given in photos below with names where available.

In The Under14 Category

100m Boys U14  –  D’Avo Scavella (GT) was a clear winner, with Roston Bethel (GH) and Terry Orvil (NEPS) within split seconds of each other for second and third. 

Roston Bethel (GH – right) and Terry Orvil (NEPS) within split seconds of each other for second and third.

100m Girls U14 – Enicha Pierre (NE) was the clear winner with Glendira Grant (DC – right of picture in all blue) being awarded second  and Safyha Bryan (GH – left of picture in all blue) third. The photo suggests, eyeballing the positions is an unenviable duty

400m Boys U14  – Aaron Cox (NE yellow and green) handily defeated his PA Gibson (all red) and Emma Cooper (red and white) competitors in 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

400m Girls U14  –  Camella Touissant (NE – yellow and green), motored  home, in her own style, ahead of Glendira Grant (DC blue small chest crest) and a determined Wendessha Symonette (St. Anne’s – white and blue)

800m Boys U14  –  Chara Saunders (PAG ), with clenched fists, powered home ahead of  Glenroy Cooper (DC -yellow and green) in second and Justin Joseph (EC hidden behind Glenroy Cooper) in third.


800m Girls U14  – Glendira Grant (DC – all  blue) hot off the 100m and 400m looked to be in tears at the end of the first 400m as Enicha Pierre (NE – yellow and green) who had dominated the heat one day earlier, grimaced and mouthed “I’m tired”, Pierre faltered but Grant went on to win the race again ahead of Wendessha Symonette (St. Anne’s – blue and white) in second place and  Safyha Bryan (GH – blue with large white crest) in third. Grant’s confident finish is in the Gallery at the end.

In The Under12 Category
1200m Girls U12  – Joenique Munnings – (GC 5:06) is pictured above.  Kaysheena Collins (WB) and Nicholette Sweeting (NE) finished 2nd and third. A photo of Colllins and Sweeting finishing is in the gallery at the end.

1200m Boys U12  – Jonathan Adderley  (4:35, TB) , Clearon Miller (DC in red and blue), Jermaine Deveaux (WB not in the shot)

100m Girls U12 – Donaldee Anderson (RS white top, geen pant), Alchrista Farrington (St. Anne’s blue and white far left), Dashonei Johnson (WB – All Green)

100m Boys U12 – Positions not confirmed: 
For Identification : Rock Sound – Green and White; St. Anne’s – White and blue left, Tarpum Bay – white and blue right; Governor’s Harbour all blue

200m Girls U12  – Donaldee Anderson (RS – white and green ), Genanta Laguerre (NE – yellow and green), Keneisha Pinder (St. Anne’s – far left);

200m Boys U12 – T. Alleyne (TB at the front), D. Ambros (JC – all blue ), Otis tynes (RS – white and green)


400m Boys U12– Nammon Rolle (JC – far left) ,  Malachai Anderson (WB – all green), Isiah Saunders (St. Anne’s – second lane from right)

400m Girls U12 – Keyana Hood (EC – red and white); Keneisha Pinder (St. Anne’s – second lane); Daphanie Charles (TB – third lane)


North Eleuthera boys won both the 4x100m and the 4 x 400m relays.

Under 10 and Under 8 races are included in the gallery that follows.

Like the first day, competition got started about 1.5h later than it was scheduled on the final day as everyone waited for North Eleuthera Primary, who had difficulty on both days traveling the 60miles south. Transportation was an issue for the youngsters whose contribution would have been sorely missed. Education District Superintendent (Acting), Mr. Cleare, did not offer acknowledgement of the obvious difficulty encountered by the school in coming to the meet, though he did confirm that he had secured transportation for them to get back home at the end of the day.

Final Scores  – Note:These are unofficial results. Official results will be printed in this month’s Eleutheran Newspaper

NEPS – 181, WB – 179, EC  – 166, GH – 154, PAG – 148, TB – 147.5, RSD – 128, St. Anne’s – 119.5, GC – 98, DCPS – 96, HIs – 60, JC – 58, GT – 54, SW – 26

Thursday Scores
DC – 43;   WB – 36;   GC – 28;   RS – 44;   St. Anne’s – 16.5;  TB – 33.5;  EC – 41;  GH – 40;   JC – 17;  PAG – 36;  GT – 20;   NE – 16;  HIs – 7;  SW – 18;