Day of smiles and fun in Spanish Wells

(Eleuthera, Bahamas) – The community of Spanish Wells, on Saturday July 9th, 2016 were out from the morning of that day for a series of activities in celebration of the 43rd year of Independence for the Commmonwealth of The Bahamas. It was termed the “8th Annual Independence Day Bash” and it all started under the beaming bright yellow sun at the public dock at 11am with a big splash in the water – the “Slippery Pole” and “Swim Races” with youthful energetic participants from preschool to school leavers. For the slippery pole the height of the pole above the water was increased as the age of the participants did and for the swim the distance did as well.

Food, Drink and Kiddie frozen cups were served from Stalls and the community on their golf carts came out in good numbers for the event, being aired on Splash FM and photographed in all its splendid colour by The Eleutheran – as you see it. In the evening the celebration moved on the the Ballpark with Emanji Circus Acts, Teen/Adult Games, Entertainment and more.

Independence Weekend Saturday morning celebrations in Spanish Wells included swimming races and a slippery pole competition for all age levels at the public dock --490A8687 490A8688 490A8692 490A8693 490A8697 490A8699 490A8701-(2) 490A8703-(2) 490A8704 490A8705 490A8709 490A8710 490A8712-(2) 490A8712 490A8718 490A8719 490A8722 490A8699b 490A8723-(2) 490A8724 490A8725B 490A8730 490A8733 490A8734 490A8736b 490A8737 490A8741-(2) 490A8742-(2) 490A8746-(2) 490A8747-(2) 490A8747 490A8752 490A8753-(2) 490A8755 490A8758 490A8760 490A8761 490A8762 490A8765 490A8767 490A8769 490A8773 490A8775 490A8777 490A8779-(2) 490A8779 490A8780 490A8781 490A8784 490A8786 490A8790 490A8793 490A8602 490A8608 490A8609 490A8610 490A8609B 490A8612 490A8613-(2) 490A8613 490A8618 490A8618b 490A8618c 490A8621 490A8625 490A8628 490A8630-(2) 490A8636-(2) 490A8636 490A8637 490A8637B 490A8794 490A8800-(2) 490A8801 490A8802 490A8803 490A8804 490A8805 490A8807 490A8808 490A8810 490A8815 490A8830 490A8836 490A8839 490A8842 490A8843-(2) 490A8844 490A8845 490A8846 490A8852 490A8857-(2) 490A8859 490A8863 490A8866 490A8867 490A8871 490A8872 490A8873 490A8874 490A8877 490A8878 490A8880 490A8880B 490A8881 490A8883 490A8884 490A8886 490A8887 490A8888 490A8890 490A8893 490A8895 490A8897 490A8899 490A8900 490A8901 490A8903 490A8906 490A8908 490A8909B 490A8909 490A8911 490A8912 490A8913 490A8914 490A8918 490A8919 490A8920 490A8921 490A8922 490A8925 490A8927 490A8928 490A8930 490A8932-(2) 490A8935 490A8938 490A8940 490A8942 490A8943 490A8952 490A8957 490A8966 490A8969 490A8973-(2) 490A8983 490A8985 490A8994 490A8996 490A8998 490A9000 490A9014 490A9015 490A9019 490A9021 490A9022-(2) 490A9025 490A9039-(2) 490A9042 490A9045 490A9050 490A9053-(2) 490A9054-(3) 490A9058 490A9061-(2) 490A9062 490A9063 490A9068 490A9070 490A9074-(2) 490A9077 490A9084 490A9085 490A9092 490A9096-(2) 490A9097-(2) 490A9098 490A9099 490A9100-(2) 490A9101 490A9102 490A9104-(2) 490A9104 490A9107 490A9108 490A9109 490A9109z 490A9110 490A9113 490A9114 490A9117 490A9118-(2) 490A9118 490A9120 490A9122-(2) 490A9124 490A9124B-(2) 490A9124B 490A9125 490A9126 490A9127-(2) 490A9128 490A9130 490A9131b 490A9131c 490A9132 490A9133 490A9134 490A9135 490A9136 490A9137 490A9138 490A9143-(2) 490A9150 490A9151 490A9153 490A9157 490A9157B 490A9158C 490A9160-(2) 490A9160 490A9161-(2) 490A9163 490A9166 490A9167 490A9166B 490A9169-(2) 490A9171 490A9174 490A9175 490A9176 490A9178-(2) 490A9179-(2) 490A9181 490A9182 490A9183 490A9185 490A9186 490A9187 490A9189 490A9193 490A9199B 490A9207 490A9208 490A9209 490A9210 490A9211 490A9212 490A9214 490A9217 490A9218 490A9224-(2) 490A9225 490A9226 490A9227 490A9228 490A9229 490A9239 "Emanji Circus Act" members out to take in the scene on the dock - they were in Spanish Wells for the ballpark celebration later in the evening - 490A8512-(2) 490A8514 490A8517 490A8529 490A8530-(2) 490A8530 490A8535 490A8536 490A8540 490A8540B 490A8541 490A8542 490A8543-(2) 490A8544 490A8548 490A8563 490A8586 490A8590-(2) 490A8590 490A8596 490A8596B 490A8601-(2) 490A8638 490A8639 490A8642 490A8649 490A8654 490A8655-(2) 490A8655 490A8658 490A8660 490A8667 490A8673 490A8679 490A8680 490A8684 490A8686 visual ligthboxby v6.1