NASSAU, THE BAHAMAS, July 7, 2016 — Cable Bahamas advised today that it has been informed of an e-mail that is currently being distributed that falsely appears to be originating from the company and is targeting users of the company’s CoralWave e-mail service.

Cable Bahamas wishes to inform all of its subscribers that this e-mail, which claims that the company is making security changes and provides an unauthorised and fraudulent link for customers to log into their account, is not from the company and warns that no one should click on the link or follow any instructions contained in the e-mail.

The fake e-mail is designed to deceive people into logging in to their e-mail account, giving hackers access to the users e-mail.

The company stated that it does not give instructions of this kind to its subscribers and advises all users to practice extreme caution when clicking on links, even when they appear to be from a trusted source.

Any subscriber that inadvertently clicked on the unauthorised link is encouraged to contact REVON support to reset their password by calling toll free at 1-242-300-2200, by e-mail at, or on the web at