Police Report 1:

Police in Eleuthera along with local search and rescue teams are searching for an American Man from  Massachusetts, who went missing on Tuesday 19th April 2016.Reports are that shortly after 7:00pm the man went kayaking in waters off the Current, Eleuthera and he has not been seen since. The police were notified and a local search and rescue team was mobilized. The kayak  was found during the search last night. The Royal Bahamas Defense Force along with the US Coast Guard  will assist in the search today.

Police Report 2:(not related to report 1)

Reports are that shortly after 10:00am on Tuesday 19th April 2016, Police in Eleuthera acting on  nformation went to a beach in Central Eleuthera, where they uncovered ten (10) kilos of cocaine. No one  was arrested for this discovery.