Nassau, Bahamas – The general public is hereby advised that the Bahamas Public Parks and Public Beaches Authority is in the process of regularizing the display of signs on roadsides and verges  especially on the island of New Providence. All unauthorized signs and billboards that are presently  erected on roadsides and roundabouts should be removed by their owners on or before December 31st,  2015. The Authority will begin the removal of illegal signs in the new year. 

Thereafter all persons and organizations needing to advertise along the streets and within the  roundabouts must obtain a permit with an attached fee from the Bahamas Public Parks and Public  Beaches Authority and comply with Ministry of Works guidelines. The fee structure will be released to  the public before it is enacted. The Authority will erect uniformed structures in which signs of varying  sizes can be properly displayed.

Please note that these measures are being advanced in an effort to regularize the way in which signs are  displayed along our streets. It is also a safety measure as these signs can be distracting to drivers and  pedestrians alike. It is also apart of the clean up initiative of the Authority.

The Bahamas Public Parks and Public Beaches Authority was established by an act of Parliament in  2014. It has been charged with the maintenance and development of all public parks and beaches  inclusive of roadsides and verges. The Authority is governed by a Board of Directors headed by  Chairman, Sen. The Hon. Greg Burrows and Deputy Chairman, Mr. Pericles Maillis. Its Managing  Director is Mr. Bruce Walker, formerly of the Ministry of Works and Urban Development. This new  Authority falls within the portfolio of the Ministry of the Environment and Housing. Its head office is  located on Frederick and Shirley Streets opposite the Central Bank of the Bahamas.