L-R: Nurse Evelyn Asanna ,Nurse Patrice Johnson , Alva Rolle (CJC Committee Member) ,Miska Clarke (CJC Founder), Angelo Bethel (CJC Committee Member) ,Nurse Priscilla Scavella ,and Nurse Bernadette Colebrook (CJC Secretary).

Members of the ‘Catch Jerry Chile’ (CJC) organization were in Hatchet Bay at the local clinic for the very special purpose of formalizing the donation of two state of the art pieces of medical equipment to the HACE (Health Association of Central Eleuthera) organization.

The equipment included an R. Series ZOLL Code-Ready Defibrillator, capable of providing pacing, monitoring, and defibrillation with ECG for resuscitation, for both adults and pediatric cases, as well as an Auto-Vent for intubation; at a cost of more than $11,000 (inclusive of training). Nurse Colebrook, Secretary, with the ‘Catch Jerry Chile’ organization, as well as a registered nurse with the Ministry of Health in Eleuthera, explained that all three doctors posted in north, central and south Eleuthera, along with other medical staff, would receive special training for the Auto-Vent, as well as the Defibrillator.

Nurse Colebrook also highlighted that both pieces of medical equipment were fully portable, making them available to other clinic locations throughout the island to service the general public, and critically, also available for use at car accident and other emergency sites.

Fundraising for the lifesaving equipment began early in 2014 during the 2nd Annual ‘Catch Jerry Chile’ 5 mile Run/Walk-a-thon, held on Saturday, May 3rd at 6:30am in the township of James’ Cistern.

The event took walkers and runners from the popular Cork tree site in James’ Cistern to the Governor’s Harbour airport and back to the Cork tree, with the beautiful waters of the Bight of Eleuthera visible all along the way.

Miska Clarke, ‘Catch Jerry Chile’ organization visionary, shared during the inaugural event that he wanted to encourage Eleutherans to get healthy by incorporating walking or running into their lifestyle, as well as having an impact on a worthy local cause.

The donation was made during October 2014.