Left to right: Eric Gibson III ( Avvy’s Manager), Avvy Bahamas, Mike Carey (Pineapple Air CEO), Christopher King (Captain pilot at Pineapple Air)


Nassau, Bahamas – Locally owned Pineapple Air has announced that it will be partnering with Bahamian musician, Avvy Bahamas, effective May 1st, 2014.

The  partnership was officially announced at a  press conference in New Providence on Tuesday April 22nd, 2014, at The Sir Lynden Pindling International Airport.

By partnering with Avvy Bahamas, Pineaple Air expects to revamp its brand and widen its customer base between Nassau and Eleuthera.

The company also expects to purchase additional aircrafts and extend its operation’s coverage.

Speaking to the press the airline, represented by Captain Christopher King and owner Captain Mike Carey,  said the airline is at a stage where it is looking to expand its fleet, with the intention of adding new routes, in addition to its comprehensive coverage of Eleuthera (North, Central and South) from New Providence. 

Avvy Bahamas on board with PineApple Air

Released for the first time at the Press Conference was the catchy jingle, saying ‘Pineapple Air  will get your there, the sweetest way to fly’.

The partnership starts on May 1st, a date that the airline also says it will be offering “Sweet Deals” to locals, tourists, business people and others who travel between Nassau and Eleuthera. They also said the perks and deals will be offered monthly to travellers.

Avvy Bahamas, the  high energy Bahamian entertainer,  who  also spoke to the media, said it was good to see companies supporting Bahamian Music and that he was pleased to see Pineapple Air appreciate the jingle he had composed and  proposed to the company.

Captain Carey, a native of Eleuthera, and owner of the airline, in commenting about  Avvy declared “I love him to death, he has plenty energy…”