Ribbon Cutting: (L-R) Naaman Ellis, BTC Senior Manager for Eleuthera and Cat Island; Kevin Cooper, featured Mural Artist; Gershon Major, BTC Marketing and Channels; Marlon Johnson, BTC Vice President PR, Brand and Communications; and Jeanie Key, longest serving BTC employee in Eleuthera – now retired.

BTC in Eleuthera, celebrated the opening of their newest flagship store in Governor’s Harbour on Saturday, August 11, 2012, beginning with an opening ceremony at 10 am in front of the new store located in Thompson’s Plaza, on Queen’s Highway.

Senior Manager for Eleuthera and Cat Island, Mr. Naaman Ellis, along with his staff, welcomed Eleutherans from across the island to the exciting opening.  He was joined by BTC executives, Mr. Marlon Johnson, Vice President PR, Brand and Communications; and Mr. Gershon Major, Marketing and Channels, as well as Marketing personnel from BTC’s headquarters in New Providence.

Johnson promised the audience that 4G services, which were now available in Central Eleuthera in time for the flagship store launch, would cover the entire island by the end of August.  He also announced the upgrade of DSL services on Eleuthera, which would be taking place, with the service upgrades slated to be completed by the end of this year.

Mrs. Jeanie Key, the longest serving BTC employee on the island, and now retired, had the honour of cutting the ribbon, before the location was declared officially open.  Mrs. Key also remarked on the event, expressing her gratitude to the company for recognizing her contributions and honouring her in such a way.

Resident Artist, Kevin Cooper, signs his mural creation – the main feature clients see on entering the new flagship BTC store.

On entering the fully outfitted, modern store, customers were greeted with a colourful depiction of island life, with a large mural, created by resident artist, Mr. Kevin Cooper, who was also on hand on Saturday morning to ceremoniously sign his work of art.

Bob Gill, CWC/BTC Retail Lead, responsible for the build out of nine new BTC stores within the past nine months, conducted a tour of the new store, highlighting the details that went into creating the modern, appealing space, where customers could interact directly with state of the art new products sporting the latest technologies, purchase services and have their enquiries dealt with.  He also highlighted that a new store in Harbour Island was also currently in the works with a post-Christmas opening expected.

Bob Gill, CWC/BTC Retail Lead, introduced customers to the new store and provided a detailed tour.

Bob Gill, highlights the modern, interactive display, designed to allow clients to get up close and personal with the latest products.

The new Governor’s Harbour flagship store filled quickly on Saturday morning with enthusiastic customers, anxious to take advantage of the sale prices on mobile phones, tablets, and VIBE services.  Customer service reps and cashiers, a number of whom were brought in from other BTC locations on island to assist just for the day, were almost overwhelmed by the number of persons flooding the store to catch the day’s sale.

The response of the public was so great, that managers went well beyond the scheduled 4pm closure, finally closing its doors after 5pm as last minute customers zipped in to join what was still a long line to the door.

Throngs of customers entering the new flagship BTC store in Governor’s Harbour, Eleuthera.

In response to the overwhelming show of support by Eleuthera customers, Mr. Naaman Ellis, remarked, “Today shows that the community of Eleuthera has been waiting on this for a long time, and BTC hasn’t disappointed them.  They are excited about all the new 4G phones and the new internet services that we are going to be looking forward to, hopefully by the end of this year – the next generation [DSL] service network – a minimum of 4 megabytes, when right now we have a maximum of 2 megabytes and that’s going to double.” Mr. Ellis also shared that in addition to the current store project in Harbour Island, the BTC locations in Spanish Wells, Lower Bogue and Rock Sound were all scheduled to be redone as well.

Young customer receiving one on one service during the sales rush.

He added that the public’s support was really appreciated, and that during the several months he had spent on the island since his arrival, he had found the staff to be a great group of people, remarking, “The staff has been very receptive, I’ve been here [in Eleuthera] now for several months and I love it here.  I think we have a lot to do together… and will do well here [at the new Governor’s Harbour store location].”