Pictured: Volunteers with the new Governor's Harbour Fire Rescue organization.
Pictured: Volunteers with the new Governor’s Harbour Fire Rescue organization.

A group of people in the Governor’s Harbour community, concerned about timely, life-saving fire rescue services within the immediate area to service both Governor’s Harbour and James’ Cistern, called the Governor’s Harbour Fire Rescue or GHFR, came together early in 2022 to plan and organize fundraising efforts to purchase fire truck equipment, to build a fire station within the township, purchase uniforms, as well as training for volunteer fire fighters and maintenance and upkeep of purchased fire truck/s and the fire station.

The group, led by Chief Fireman and President Ricardo Pinder, Vice President Bob Colman, Secretary Arthur Turnquest and Treasurer Anya Fernander, have made tremendous headway in fundraising efforts, with $77,000 raised to date. Enough, says VP Colman to by a used fire engine appliance in very good condition. The goal is to raise another $200,000 to build a fire house, and the requisite maintenance and upkeep. Martin Weber, a winter resident, heads up the fundraising efforts, along with Ricardo Pinder and Bob Colman in support.

Pledge forms have been created to encourage as many members of the community to donate to the service, aimed at protecting everyone. Very generous commitments have been made, and the group expressed their gratitude to every level of donation, which have begun at $5 to $40 and $50 to thousands pledged in support. Every donation, they expressed is appreciated and important, saying, “We wanted participation to be community-wide – to make some small or large contribution, whichever suits their means.”

A cadre of local volunteer fire fighters have already signed on to be of service, and training began in February. Jason Thompson, with the Palmetto Point Fire Service, generously shared their equipment to assist with training for the GHFR volunteers. Fire fighting equipment for eleven fireman has also been donated free-of-charge from the Ottawa Fire Service.

The public can reach out to the GHFR by calling 332-3800 for more information on how to donate. Donations may be made, and pledge cards are also available at Burrows Liquor Store in Governor’s Harbour.