(NASSAU, The Bahamas) – Good afternoon Bahamas, as you are all aware, we are approaching the peak time of the 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season.

You should all be aware at this time that there are a number of tropical systems in the Atlantic Ocean, and one or two are projected to cross over, or come near The Bahamas during the upcoming week.

Even though the systems have not been named, I would like to urge all residents throughout The Bahamas to continue to monitor these systems as we go into the weekend.

nemaWe are all aware that in 2015, Tropical Storm Joaquin, rapidly intensified and became a major hurricane, which impacted islands in the Central and Southeast Bahamas.

As long as the current system (Invest 92 –L) is projected to pass through The Bahamas, I would like to urge all residents to make those final preparations to protect homes, businesses, check your family disaster plan, family emergency kits, and your communications plans.

Finally, please stay tuned to the local radio and television stations, The Bahamas Department of Meteorology and NEMA’s social media platforms for updates on the approach of these and any systems, which might impact this country.

Captain Stephen Russell
Director, NEMA